Has Plastik A.S. is aware that the most valuable asset is our customer satisfaction therefore our operations and working principles relies on fulfilling our customers’ expectations. It is a key element of our business strategy. In a competitive marketplace we recognise customer satisfaction as a key differentiator. Not only the product quality but also the service quality is provided by our high level of experienced professionals.
It is essential for our company to gain profit from its activities in order to continue its existence. However, ensuring customer loyalty will always be the priorities. Within our company, personnel trainings and improvements will continue without break. In such activities, all the legal conditions will be followed and the management will audit itself in every related subject.
We give great importance to work safety thus we minimize accident risk by following the legal legislations. Our company will stay dedicated complying with quality managament with other standarts to improve production and prevent pollution continuosly. In order to ensure food safety, our company will take the precautions required to prevent events defined as hazardous in the process starting acceptance of raw material untill its shipment.
Continuously tracking and improving all the above mentioned principles are our company philosophy and we are committed to follow these disciplines by all times.