Our company , which manufactures plastic caps and closures , defined quality ,environment , food safety and  OHSAS policy.

Our company based its operation and working principles to customer satisfaction and realized that this is the greatest gain in long term.

In customer relations , the same level of importance is attached to service quality as product quality. It is essential for our company to gain profit from its activities in order to continue its existence in the sector . However, ensuring customer loyalty will always be the priorities .

Within our company , personnel trainings and improvements will continue without break. Our company will contribute to the corporate social responsibility and technological developments with its research and development activities. In such activities , all the legal conditions will be followed and the management will audit itself in every related subject.

Our company will produce the food product packages in line with the legal legislations and meets customer expectations considering food safety. In  order to ensure food safety ,our company defined the hazards to prevent such events in the process starting acceptance of raw material untill its shipment. In our production , we use raw material complying with food safety and we ensure highest hygiene conditions.

Our company is commited to meeting continuous development  appropriate to  the structure and context of  prospective environmental impacts  arising from procedures during   execution of the company activities  , goals and targets  , products and services  ; avoiding  any  possible pollution , fullfiling  of  all  legal requirements ,  protecting  the  biodiversity and ecosystems , promoting  the coherent   implementation  of environmental  dimension  of sustainable  development  , providing  leadership in caring environment  by training  employees enabling  them   to improve  their   life  without exposing  future generations to danger  .

We have dedicated ourselves in using environmental friendly products together with our suppliers and take necessary precautions to reduce pollution.

Our Company will  at all cases implement work safety policies  and minimize the risk of any accidents

Our company  assures  to follow the  Quality Management Systems and  continuously  improve its performance  , allocate  required funds , prevent pollution  and  support continuous development .

Continuously tracking and improving all the above mentioned principles are our company philosophy and we are committed to follow these disciplines by all times.